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I Like It Better Here - Music From Home

(various artists)


For the new album "I Like It Better Here - Music From Home", several key figures from the U.S. Westcoast scene in the 70's, join forces to celebrate the joy and magic of home.

The songs touches a wide pallet of subjects - From "a sense of home" to "afraid to go home", from "longing for home" to "time to go home", and from "feels like coming home" to "the places the devil calls home".

Just like Plato said in 'Allegory Of The Cave'; "When the two lovers are finally stripped, even of physical fire, humbling them to the realization that the love that binds them together is not merely romantic - It is elemental and inevitable. It is home."

Opening the album, with a live version of the title-track from his latest album, Joel Rafael gets some help from David Crosby and Graham Nash.

Songwriter Jack Tempchin (Eagles, Glenn Frey) co-wrote his contribution with Bobby Whitlock (Derek & The Dominoes).

Singer-songwriter Jeff Larson recruits his good friend Gerry Beckley (America) for assistance on production, percussion and back-up vocals.

Session-musican and songwriter Vince Melamed (Eagles, JD Souther, Dan Fogelberg) offers up an unreleased gem he nearly forgot about.

Anthony Crawford, who has worked with Neil Young, off and on, for more than 25 years, is half of new duo Sugarcane Jane.

Italian artist Francesco Lucarelli gets some serious assistance from Graham Nash and legendary producer Stephen Barncard.

Jackson Browne's mentor, Greg Copeland, contributes an unreleased gem from his latest, acclaimed album, "Diana & James".

Steve Noonan sings about his time in New York City in the 60's, spent with Jackson Browne, Greg Copeland and Adam Saylor.

Nashville singer-songwriter Keith Miles is joined by Jack Sundrud (Poco) and production wizard Bill Halverson.

Bob Cheevers gets three original members of Bread to join him for his contribution.

Reformed duo Batdorf & Rodney contributes a wonderful live version of "Home Again" recorded at Sirius XM Radio.

Closing  the set is Jackson Browne with a heartfelt rendition, recorded live, of his seasonal anthem "The Rebel Jesus".

July's Choice is the minimalist alt folk, left-of-centre and subtle masterpiece

Laptop Campfire Speed by Marco Mahler

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