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And Then There Is Art

various artworks by Independent artists



Surprise and Shine by martin smit

the art of Jerry Mannell





oil on canvas 19x30”


I spent some time in New Mexico after art school. Although I don’t consciously explore

Southwestern themes, this imagery emerged from my sketchbook with a decidedly western flavor.

The central, abstracted image of a cow skull (an icon of the West), inspired a barred jailhouse

window where an eye socket might lie, and the suggestion of piano keys in place of teeth all

reference the idea of a cowboy ballad. Visual communication, like poetry, should never be too literal.

I hope the color, imagery, and composition of this painting support the idea of a “ballad”.



oil on canvas 35x27”

The more the mechanical and digital worlds intrude

upon our time, the less contact we experience with

the natural world. This painting depicts a human

form altered within a framed construct surrounded

by elements of nature—with reference to both our

reptilian and mammalian natures, but hopefully

representing this modern predicament as a new order,

not a failed evolution.


 oil on canvas 21x26”

Schism represents opposing viewpoints. The hooded

figure is the earnest, if nefarious, departure from

sheepish complacency in an existing order. The exit

of the shepherd in a divided landscape is also conjured.

The image separating them is a cryptic vessel, and

acting metaphor, for the viewer’s interpretation

of events.


 Shudder Through by Martin Smit

The Manipulation Of Emily by martin smit

the webart of KokDamon Lam
A little tasty collage
So i can tell u a bit more about my life. After 6 months working with poor and drug addicts in HK, we teach drama, music and art to the problem teenagers. Finally we came back to Switzerland in May, we found our dream flat in August, our son Nias came in Sept, this little family is so happy to have a home!! One more big surprise i'll tell u next time when it's ready.

We start collecting music instruments, found a great Yamaha keyboard in the market, Violin from Esther (learning from friend every week and found my passion in it), a huge bongo for percussion, our vision is to make a music group with children.

Recently i start to play basketball again, as Napoleon gave me a really good Wilson, and yesterday i found my sport shoes in Secondhand shop (since the last 9 years i always used wrong shoes), this morning i teamed with a 8 years boy from Bosnia, nearly win over my friends, but we got so much fun anyway :)

love from kokdamon©2009 
I wrote this kind of thing 2 years ago, i suddenly feel like making this 10 recommendation for music lover:

1. Kira Lynn Cain - The Ideal Hunter 2007
nice femin voice with retro crime film sound. (photo from Diana Elliot)

2. Bill Evans & Jim Hall - Undercurrent 1962
Jim Hall is a very tender jazz guitarist, and Bill Evans is one of the most artistic pianist.
i did this drawing long time ago, love this cover photo so much.

3. T. Rex - Electric Warrior 1971
so glam and groove, especially after re-watch Billy Elliot

4. Big Mama Thornton - In Europe: with Muddy Waters' Blues Band 1965
it's a live album of this big size woman with jamming quality backup band
, her blues inspired Elvis, Janis Joplin, she also plays

5. Leonard Cohen - Live songs 1970-72
never know that he can improvise so much in concert, more than just Hallelujah, more than a poet.

6. Hellsongs - Lounge 2006
indie folk Swedish band cover oldskool metal like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Motorhead.

7. Leech - The Stolen View 2007
Swiss Postrock introduced from my guitar student.

8. Duzze - Flon/Macun 2005
the neighbor lived downstairs is the bassist, some soft rock with SwissGerman dialect, very nice xylophone.

9. Andrea Lang - Liebesode 2009
Opera with simple piano, she's the sister of my student, very high class feeling while playing this CD at my flat.

10. Jon Foreman - 4 Seasons EP 2008
he used to play in a loud band and now solo with totally quiet acoustic with soulful broken voice, sometimes duet with angel voice woman, thoughtful lyrics, emotional instrument and arrangement, i wish to make music like him to express our own believe.
Cat Power = 貓力量 q(*Q_Q*)p
Fall in love with a Cat Power Black Sessions France Radio Bootleg...
i think it sounds even better than the album!

So this drawing is for our Chan Chan Marshall ;>


Now This Is Dreaming... by Martin Smit






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