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MC Sparky's DanceFloor Pick
As Often As Possible, MC Sparky, well known Tardishead, and owner of the orginal DayGlo Magic Piano will pick a ''DanceFloor Classic'' or a '' Modern DanceFloor Miracle' for inclusion within the NBTMusicRadio's famous MirrorBall Sessions Hour.

10 PM Berlin Time ( That's 9 PM UK/4 PM New York Time)

Find the radio: HERE

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So Lets Get started:

But First: a delightful Digression!
 while we wait for NBT to catch up and get the new Pick out there on the airwaves here is a review by the esteemed Master Sparky on the new various artist collection
''I'll Scratch Yours''



The first part of Peter Gabriel’s collaborative project was a big disappointment for me due to the fact that he had decided to play every song in an acoustic orchestral style.  The conveyance of Byrne and Eno’s “Listening Wind” is as powerful as anything Gabriel has ever done but as a Gabriel fan, I was listening out for those big sound-scapes that I had always  loved about Gabriel’s work.  The fact that the songs all sounded so similar was a bit of a deal-breaker for me and I didn’t buy the album.


With the second part, Gabriel has asked the artists he’d covered in part one to each cover one of his songs.  This concept was, right from the beginning, altogether more interesting to me because it meant I would get to hear songs I liked interpreted by different artists in very differing styles.  So armed with some spare cash and a good dash of “END OF THE MONTH” spirit, I slunk into the “record store” in my own distinctive LAST DECADE manner and bought a double HARD COPY of the combined concept, “Scratch my back….and I’ll Scratch yours”.


“and I’ll scratch yours” opens very strongly with David Byrne’s “I Don’t Remember” and I think If I have to choose a paired winner out of the collaborative double, it would have to be this song and “Listening Wind.”  Of the others on the new album, Bon Iver’s “Come Talk to Me” and Elbow’s “Mercy Street” stand out in true homage to the original.  It is startling how much Gus Garvey sounds like Gabriel!  The most interesting arrangements are “I Don’t Remember” and Brian Eno’s version of “Mother of Violence”, but although Eno’s rendition of the song is suitably dark, his highly distorted vocal is just TOO UGLY!


Lou Reed has claimed “Solsbury Hill” for the Velvet Underground and Paul Simon has changed the police room number from 619 to 369 and claimed “Biko” for Graceland.  Randy Newman’s “Big Time” is fabulous and sounds like an artist original, Joseph Arthur’s “Shock the Monkey” is literally DRIPPING with pathos and Regina Spektor’s “Blood of Eden” is beautifully and eloquently delivered.


Feist’s “Don’t Give Up” is powerful and emotive, reaching the spots I previously thought only Kate could reach, but neither Stephin Merritt with his light-hearted blippy version of “Not One of Us” nor Arcade Fire with their slowed down heavy take on “Games without Frontiers” do much to broaden the horizons of either of those songs in my opinion.


However, all in all, I am happy with my investment and look forward to further listening with relish, especially since, later this month, I will be seeing Mr Gabriel live for the first time since I saw him live at Earl’s Court promoting the SO album.  For any fellow musicians who have admired Peter through his career and who also appreciate cover versions, this new album will be like hot fudge sauce over your deep fried ice cream balls, and I highly commend the chef!




It’s a Fine Day – Opus III v Orbital (10 bz Halcyon Re-vox)

The cute bald head of Kirsty Hawkshaw celebrated the freedom of rave music like a trippy free-form Sinead O’Connor.  The addition of stadium ravemasters, Orbital, to the mix cemented an eternal paving stone in our cultural and historical path well trodden.

MC Sparky




Papua New Guinea – Future Sounds of London (Satoshi Tomiie Mix)

The power of ambient dub was never in any doubt when FSOL launched this huge atmospheric bombshell from their debut album, Accelerator, in 1991.  Immediately capturing the imagination of dance musicians of the time, it inspired a whole album of remixes from a variety of well known DJs, including this one by one of Japan’s top House Masters.

MC Sparky



Come Together – Primal Scream

It’s a slow starter, with its blippy keyboard sounds, its tremolo organ chords and its “call to arms” for music of all kinds.  The bass drum takes ages to kick in and even then it is still a prelude.  Intermittent klaxons and samples pave the way for the exultant vocal chorus that heralds a rousing and anthemic zenith.  “Come together as one!”  Sweet!

MC Sparky


Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads

A splendid blend of rock, post punk, groove, world music and killer production.  The magical combination of Byrne and Eno, the solid rhythm of Frantz and Weymouth and the innovative instrumentation of Harrison.  I bet people still dance to this song at parties!

MC Sparky



Our Discovery – Henry Saiz (Original Mix)

Spanish Producer and Electro DJ Henry Saiz has crafted an enigmatic and evocative tune that does not rely on a chorus hook but instead shuffles onward like a bus full of bobbing heads and tapping feet.

MC Sparky



Connected – Stereo MC’s

Trippy vocal hook and great rhythm section.   Eloquent lyrical simplicity supported by stabbing horns and crisp backing vocals.  You almost feel they knew some mobile phone company was going to use this song. 

MC Sparky




Bela Lugosi’s Dead – Bauhaus (Original Mix)

I guess quite a few people might question this dark alternative throwback from the Eighties in the Mirrorball slot, but just try and remember that this came out at a time before HOUSE exploded into our lives.  And I fully remember them old alternative dancefloors being filled for the full nine and half minutes of this original mix.  Honest!

MC Sparky



Kittin is High – Miss Kittin (9/11 Remix by Black Labelle)

This fab remix may be too new to be called a classic but it sure gets my blood racing!  A potent remix of a truly great track from French Disco DJ Diva, Miss Kittin’s FULLY COOL electro album, “Calling from the Stars”.  Sensationally sexy synthesising sounds!  I don’t know much about Black Labelle but they describe themselves as “a couple of shy guys from Norway doing shady remixes you will like.”  Well, I LIKE!  So, let’s hear more!!

MC Sparky


Good Times – Chic (Original 1979 Extended Mix)

Another standard bearer in the evolution of change.  The disco claps, funky bass, succinct piano and seminal vocals of this song followed on from the success of earlier single “le Freak” and paved the way for mainstream acceptance of Hip-Hop and House.

MC Sparky



Bangarang – Skrillex ft Sirah

The clean pedalpoint funk guitar at the beginning of the track tricks the unsuspecting customer into some kind of imagined funky experience from yesteryear (think “Shaft”).  The addition of the vocal sample gets the head nodding and foot tapping like an early Eighties hip hop track, and then that DIRTY synth/sample SKREEMS into your ears and just pulls you back into the 21st Century.  There are no SEVENTIES here!  Just BEAUTIFUL rhythmic noise!

MC Sparky



Sam and the Womp – Bom Bom extended remix

Maybe I just like the cat with the bass and drum.  Maybe it’s because the cat is so “cool and groovy” or maybe it’s just because my heart goes “Bom Bom Bom!”  Whatever the reason, and no matter whatever happens to this musical collective, there will always be part of the summer of 2012 that is theirs.

MC Sparky




Jump Around – House of Pain  (1992)

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t like this song.  Come to think of it, I never asked.  There seems no need to ask such perfunctory questions when one witnesses the manic head-bobbing on display at any dance floor where this classic early nineties Irish American hip hop anthem hits the decks!

MC Sparky



Magnetic Man ft Ms Dynamite – Fire (live at Maida Vale)

A bit of Dubstep never did anyone any harm.  I like this because it is a rarity, recorded at BBC 1 Maida Vale.  Good crunchy sounds, real blippy electronica and the intoxicating voice of Ms Dynamite all contribute to its Zeitgeist.

MC Sparky



Sak Noel – Loca People – What the Fuck?

The sound of Spain bursts into the summer of 2011 with this quirky little number with a catchy hook that everyone loves to utter!  I was mesmerised by the relaxed vocal in this track when I first heard it.  The whole tune screams “summer holiday abroad” and the “What the fuck!” chorus encourages gay abandon on the dancefloor.

MC Sparky


Donna Summer – I Feel Love Original Extended Dance Mix)

Who can deny this song its rightful place in the legendary halls of classic dance hits?  There have been so many remixes and versions of this song that there should be a version to suit everybody with two feet, or at least a pumping heart.  I have chosen the original Extended Dance version, as I feel there is no real need to try and outdo the hypnotic bassy rhythms of Mr Moroder and his triumphant diva at their prime.

RIP Donna Summer

MC Sparky



Gorillaz – Dare (DFA Remix)


Electronica meets Britpop meets Manchester mixed by producers of LCD Soundsystem, using original vocals of Albarn and Rhyder.  What’s NOT to like?

This pared back and extended version of the classic song may sound a bit dirty but its production is clean as a toe tapper could wish for and the funky bass line will keep smiling heads nodding in any gathering.

MC Sparky





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